How to add funds to your account ?

How to add funds to your account ?

10 Apr, 2019 343 Wallet & Purchase
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Funds or Credits are use to easy purchase website traffic, to upgrade your membership account, to purchase website and session slots. Before you can purchase anything, you need to add funds or credits first.

To add fund to your account, you have to login to your account. Once login:

  1. Click to Wallet
  2. Click to +Add credit
  3. Select amount you want to add; the amount will be display at your right side in green color.
  4. Make sure you agree with “Terms of services“
  5. Click to Add credit +
  6. Select your desired payment getway by clicking to Pay
  7. Complete your payment (you can pay using PayPal or Bitcoin)

NB: You can watch the videos in live to see how to add funds

If you are facing any problem, open a ticket